• Organizing of any kind of goods transportation in international and domestic commerce.

  • Organizing of complete customs import-and-export formalities on any border crossings, customs outposts in the country and customs outpost at the Belgrade Fair, using customs guarantee.

  • Organizing of goods handling (unloading - loading) laying out of exhibits at the exhibition stand and taking them over when the exhibition is closed, handling of packaging material and storing it for the duration of exhibition, storing of the goods in warehouse.
    May we note that "FAIR COM" provides within the premises of the Balgrade Fair, a warehouse space, all required machinery (3.5-ton, 4-ton, 5-ton and 6-ton fork lift trucks, 18-ton and 35-ton cranes), trucks of any type and handling workers.

  • Organizing of a complete procedure of customs mediation, transportation and goods handling in going out and returning of exhibits intended to be displayed at international fair events, worldwide.

  • Lease of forklifts with various payloads, with operator, on daily or long-term basis, as per agreement.

  • Import of diplomatic and humanitarian consigments.

  • Organizing of moving residence abroad or within the country.

  • Import of new and used construction machinery and accompanying equipment through CI BELGRADE FAIR.